5 ways to charge your phone without a phone charger

For 2016, the number of smartphone users in Nigeria is estimated to reach 15.5 million.

That means more Nigerians trying to keep up with browsing the internet and other phone activities on-the-go will tend to run out of battery power most times.

Our phones have become our everyday buddy and one can’t truly imagine a world without them but have you ever experienced being stuck somewhere, whilst trying to place that emergency call, poof, your phone’s battery goes dead and to make matters worse, you have no charger.

A truly frustrating scenario (I can imagine). However, have no fear Vconnect is here to show you 5 easy ways to charge your phone without your phone’s charger to prevent a recurrence.

1. Hand crank charger

Hand Crank Charger - vconnect blog

I’m sure you probably never knew this kind of charger existed, this charger has a crank handle which can be twirled in circles and simply works by converting the cranking (mechanical) energy generated into electrical energy and requires a fair share of your physical strength which may be used as a last resort when all your options have been exhausted. But the tradeoff to this type of charger is that it only supplies electrical charge when you crank it and can be pretty slow in charging and are relatively cheap.

2. Solar charger

Solar charger - charge - vconnect blog

According to scientists, the Sun dishes out over 600 trillion watts of power sufficient enough to serve the earth for 500,000 lifetimes so it comes as no surprise that a charger of this form exists.

With this charger, you’re assured of enough battery juice on your phone during the day which could last you through the night depending on the solar charger as some have solar storage capabilities as well. However, the size of your charger is key to its performance. The bigger the solar charger, the higher the solar charge that can be stored. These chargers can be a bit expensive.


3. Car charger

Car charger - charge - vconnect blog

These chargers are quite cheap and widely available everywhere even in traffic (hello Lagosians). They also come in dual USB models to charge more than one phone at a time and will work as long as your vehicle has the energy provider (cigarette lighter outlet)  which can be easily located (except yours is faulty).

4. Power banks

Power banks - charge - vconnect blog

This is no doubt the most widely used medium to charge our phones. They are available in different sizes and prices as well but be mindful that after extensive usage, they will run out of charge and would require charging via an external mains supply. They’re equipped with single or dual USB ports just like the car chargers and another USB port (usually smaller) to connect to an external mains power supply to charge. They’re ideal for travellers going on a journey without their cars that is after they must have juiced it up with sufficient power.

5. Camp stove fire charger

Camp Stove Fire Charger - charge - vconnect blog

Ever heard of this? I guess not. This charger would be ideal for the female folkS and some male folks as well who love to cook! (yes, you heard me). This charger works by multitasking. It simply works by harnessing the energy from the fire and channelling it to charge USB devices like our phones.

This is ideal for those planning to go on a camping trip and also a great way of keeping your phone charged while cooking your meal. However, they are quite expensive.

Oh and one more thing:

These chargers aren’t a hundred percent reliable (what actually is?) but they would go a long way in saving you from some major frustrations in times of emergency and fun alike.

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Have we missed out on any other charging means? Let us know in the comments section.


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