Apartment for Rent in Oshodi- How Much You Should Expect To Pay

Have you considered living in Oshodi? Whether you rent or own an apartment? Undoubtedly, Oshodi is the heart of Lagos. With the number of individuals residing, transiting and transacting business in the area, life in Oshodi dances to its own beat and it appears to be a world of its own.

Oshodi happens to be one of the largest areas in Lagos State with population count at about 1.5 million people. The popular ‘Oshodi under bridge’ area was recently revamped, causing relief and more security to inhabitants. If you’re out to have a good shopping trip, Oshodi market or Arena Shopping Mall are the go to places in the area.

As much as it is good for shopping, it is also a choice accommodation area for some. If you have ever gone apartment hunting, and you’re not sure of the market price, this article will let you in on what to expect price wise and features/amenities for different types of accommodation in Oshodi. We’ve been able to categorize prices in terms of economical, standard and luxurious apartments; these prices are what you should expect to pay for 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments in Oshodi.

Rent Economical Apartments

 1 Bedroom Apartment

For the least expensive 1 bedroom apartment in Oshodi, you can expect to pay rent of N100, 000 – N250, 000 per annum. These types of apartments are usually in the local areas such as Bolade-Oshodi, Isolo, Mafoluku and the likes. You might be lucky to get a lesser price if you have good bargaining skills. Expect basic amenities like water supply, accessible roads.

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2 Bedroom Apartments

Renting an economical 2 bedroom apartment in Oshodi will start at N150, 000 to about N300, 000 per annum. They’re usually found in areas like Bolade-Oshodi, Isolo, Mafoluku, Ajao Estate. Amenities that come with such apartments include, water supply, electricity, en-suite rooms, parking spaces might be limited.


3 Bedroom Apartments

These kinds of apartments are very common at Oshodi. They’re usually en-suite, comes with electricity, have parking spaces, kitchen, water supply, and accessible roads. Expected yearly rent for economical 3 bedroom apartments range between N300, 000 to NGN600, 000.

Rent Standard Apartment

Standard quality apartments usually have the basic amenities such as constant light, security, and fencing.

 1 Bedroom apartment

A standard 1 bedroom apartment in Oshodi costs between N250, 000 to N400, 000 per year. You’ll find these apartments in areas like Bolade, Isolo, Mafoluku, Ajao Estate, Aswani with amenities including water supply, electricity, parking spaces might be limited, average security.

2 Bedroom Apartments

These apartments usually have their annual rent prices within NGN450, 000 to NGN650, 000. With that amount, you can expect standard amenities like electricity, clean environment, en-suite room, visitor’s toilet, water supply, accessible roads, parking spaces, security.

3 Bedroom Apartments

Rent for standard 3 bedroom apartments in Oshodi starts at N700, 000 and can go up as much as N1, 500, 000 per annum. These are the amenities you should expect with this type of apartments, clean water supply, parking spaces, tiled floors, good road network, security, en-suite rooms, security, about 10 – 16 hours daily electricity.

Rent Luxurious Apartment

If you’re particular about your comfort, a luxury apartment will prove to be worth every dime.

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1 Bedroom Apartment
With N700, 000 to N1, 000, 000, you can get a 1 bedroom luxury apartment in Oshodi. Such apartments are found in areas like Ajao Estate, Apapa-Oshodi, Airport road, Aviation Estate. They also should feature clean and treated water supply, clean environment, electric fence, security, electricity, parking spaces, good road network, tiled floors, interlocking floors

2 Bedroom Apartments
A luxurious 2 bedroom apartment in Oshodi goes for about N850, 000 to NGN1, 500, 000 per annum. Amenities that come with an apartment of this type include clean and treated water supply, security, clean environment, electric fence, electricity, standby generator (depending on building), tiled floors, interlocking floors, parking spaces, good road network. These 2 bedroom apartments are usually found in Ajao Estate, Apapa-Oshodi, Airport road, Aviation Estate.


luxury apartment for rent in Oshodi

3 Bedroom Apartments

Renting a luxury 3 bedroom apartment in Oshodi of goes from N1, 000, 000 to as much as N4, 000, 000 per annum. These apartments are generally more comfortable and convenient. They come with clean and treated water supply, clean environment, electric fence, security, electricity, parking spaces, good road network, tiled floors, and interlocking floors.
Note: The prices are not inclusive of service fee, agent commission and agreement.
Now you should be able to rent an apartment in Oshodi without the fear of being ripped off. All the best as you go apartment hunting.

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