Apartment for Rent in Lekki-  How Much You Should Expect To Pay

Lekki is top on the list as one the most beautiful and fast developing area in Lagos. Everything you will ever need is located within, from essentials like banks, malls, hospitals/24 hour pharmacies, supermarkets, cinema houses, restaurants, farm lands, beautiful hotels, luxury apartment and several estates. Due to the viability of the area, large portions of it has been allocated for the Lagos Free Trade Zone, an airport and a seaport. With all of these available developments, it’s easy to say Lekki is one good area to live in.

If you are looking to rent an apartment in this part of town, then you’re in luck. Lekki has some nice apartments that are very affordable, so also luxury/expensive apartments. It basically depends on how much you are willing to spend.

Factors that influence prices of apartments in Lekki are based on various factors such as the number of bedrooms, location and probably furnishing. We’ve been able to categorize prices in terms of economical, standard and luxurious apartments; these prices are what you should expect to pay for 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments in Lekki.

Economical Apartments

If you are going for something not too exquisite, not having to spend much, then you should go for apartments of this type.

1 Bedroom Apartment

The least expensive 1 bedroom apartments you’ll find in Lekki are priced between N250, 000 and N600, 000. You should expect a bathroom, a toilet, water supply, electricity and parking spaces are not guaranteed, as you may sometimes have to park on the road. This type of apartment generally comes with lesser amenities and you’ll find them available in areas like; Idado Estate, Ologolo, Osapa, Jakande, Ilaje Lekki, Agungi.

2 Bedroom Apartment

If you’re on a budget and don’t mind living moderately, you can get a 2 bedroom apartment in Lekki within the price range of N350, 000 and N750, 000 per annum. You should expect en-suite rooms, parking space, water supply, kitchen, decent neighborhood, relatively stable electricity, security.

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Standard Apartments

Apartments of this type are basically in between the economical and luxurious. They come a little more pricey but not up to luxurious apartments standards.

1 Bedroom Apartment

With a budget starting at N500, 000 to as much as N1, 500, 000 for a year, you will be able to rent a standard 1 bedroom apartment in Lekki. Such apartments come with one bathroom, one to two toilets, parking spaces, water supply, relatively stable electricity and a kitchen. You can find them in areas like as Chevron, Bakare Estate, Elegushi, Agungi or Ikota Villa estate.

2 Bedroom Apartment

Renting a standard 2 bedroom apartment comes with an annual rent of about N1, 000, 000 to N2, 500, 000. These types of apartment are relatively comfortable and found at Chevron, Lekki phase 1 & 2, Ilasan, Jakande, Elegushi,  Agungi and Ikota Villa estate.  Amenities in such standard apartments include big size living area, en-suite rooms, fitted kitchen, visitor’s toilet, good access road, gated compound, interlocked floor, clean and cozy environment.

3 Bedroom Apartment

With N1, 500, 000 to N4, 000, 000 per annum you can get a standard 3 bedroom apartment in Lekki. Such apartments are found in areas like Lekki phase 1 & 2, Ilasan, Chevron, Jakande,  Elegushi,  Agungi and Ikota Villa estate. They also should have features like clean and treated water supply, fitted kitchen, en-suite rooms, clean environment, electric fence, security, relatively stable electricity, parking spaces, good road network, tiled floors, and interlocked floors. They usually have excellent fittings.


Luxurious Apartments

Luxurious apartments do have all the essential things that are meant to make you very comfortable in any house.

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 1 Bedroom Apartment

Expect to pay as high as N2, 000, 000 for a 1 bedroom luxury apartment in Lekki. It usually has one bathroom and 2 toilets. The price sometimes goes as high as N3, 500, 000 per annum. Other amenities included in 1 bedroom luxury apartments are fitted kitchen, treated water supply, electricity, security, clean and serene environment, swimming pool, gym, good road network, gated compound/ secured environment, parking spaces, CCTV cameras, industrial bore hole, water treatment plants, common area amongst others. These apartments are located in Lekki phase 1 & 2, Chevron, Nicon town, Chevy View Estate amongst others.

2 Bedroom Apartment

2 bedroom luxury apartments in Lekki generally includes have en-suite rooms and a visitor’s toilet.  Prices range from N3, 000, 000 and N5, 000, 000 per annum.


3 Bedroom Apartments

This category of apartments are the some of the most comfortable and luxurious in Lekki, with annual rent starting at N3, 500, 000 and goes up as much as N15, 000, 000.


luxury apartment in Lekki

Please note:

Some apartments in the standard and luxurious categories are expected to pay service charges which ranges from N500, 000 to N5, 000, 000 per year, depending on what services you choose to pay for like waste disposal, home management, cleaning of the pool, diesel, water, security, maintenance of the apartment and many more. Also be on the lookout for flood prone areas

These are what you should be expecting when you rent an apartment in Lekki. Now that you know this, let’s get you some properties to check out.

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