5 reasons we want the new iPhone SE

A big shout out to Apple for hearing the cry of the ‘masses’ and sending us a more traditional and affordable iPhone: the iPhone SE.

We were worried Apple wasn’t for us when they began their journey down the unwieldy-phablet-y route with the iPhone 6 and 6 plus. But Apple now seems to be sending out a strong message. “You Apple stans all over the world. We see you.”

Thank you Apple for seeing us. We love you too.

The new iPhone SE has got us sufficiently tickled. We see the Apple that we knew and loved, and we see a lot more.

First of all, Introduction


Announced March 2016, Apple iPhone SE is Apple’s newest 4-inch device running iOS 9.3. The iPhone SE blends the native look and feel of an iPhone into a small hand-held, which you don’t have to break the bank to buy. Boom goes the dynamite!

Back to why we LAAVE this phone

Our Preycious... (Via Giphy)

Our Preycious… (Via Giphy)

Cheap … so cheap

Touted as the most affordable iPhone yet, the iPhone SE doesn’t cost an arm, a leg and your pension fund to get. For all the juicy, updated specs on the phone, you pay about NGN101,000 ($508) to own one. The 64 GB configuration will cost you a few more pretty greenbacks.

North -NGN 100,000 price-point is not cheap by reasonable standards. But this is Apple, people. Apple.

The iPhone SE packs a hefty punch. And that’s the next reason we love it.

Top-notch specifications

Maybe the iPhone 5C failed, this one sure has a longer way to go. On the inside, a dual-core processor is running at 1.8GHz to ensure the device performs at optimum level. Gaming experience could be out of this world with its six-cores PowerVR GT7600 graphics processor and 2GB of RAM.

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The iPhone SE is essentially an iPhone 6 in a small iPhone 5 chassis. It’s got all the specs, and, bells and whistles of iPhone 6 (Okay, 3D touch is missing, and you won’t miss it). You are also paying less. While the iPhone 6 will set you back by about NGN190,000, you’ll get two iPhone SE for the same price if you were my Nigerian mom.

The new 12MP Apple Camera

Apple introduced 12 megapixel-shooters in the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. The SE is proud to be the third device that takes on this tradition. Camera lovers will appreciate the availability of a 12MP shooter with an f2.2 aperture and dual LED flash. The iPhone SE is capable of taking crystal clear photos. Also, you can make videos at 4K resolution with this iDevice. Although Apple got me crestfallen with the 1.2 MP selfie camera, it’s certainly not a bad deal at the price point.

Our beautiful iPhone is back!

Forget the experiments with the iPhone 6 and 6S. The native i-Design is back!

Kinda. We are not sure Apple will keep on with this. But hey.

Thanks to whoever suggested this design, the real vintage form factor we loved didn’t go anywhere because we can choose to upgrade our rickety old iPhone 5, 5S to this alluring device.

The significant nuggets

What else? All the bells and whistles you want in a premium device feature in the iSE; fingerprint, NFC for Apple Pay, GPS, Bluetooth v4.2, 16/G4GB internal storage, standard LCD touchscreen and a 1624 Li-Po battery are all slapped into this device (lasts longer than the iPhone 6 battery). This is a splendid device, and we love, love, love it.

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The iSE is not selling in Nigeria yet. But when it reaches this shores, we’ll are totally getting our mitts on it. Maybe we’ll even get you a quick experiential review.

For now, a little something to tide you over from the good folks at Gadget 360.

Will you buy the iPhone SE? Let us know in the comments.

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